ABOUT US Dedication & professionalism

Pilates was a rediscovery of my body: the way everything is linked and the way the breath can help you in your daily life. It is really a big change in my life and believe me I will go on with Pilates in France or wherever in the world!
- Marie-Aude, French expatriate previously resided in Kuala Lumpur

Born from a love for Pilates, Urban Spring was set up as a boutique,personalised lifestyle space dedicated to making quality Pilates a lifestyle choice for everyone. We believe that with our qualified and dedicated teachers we are able to aid you in battling the stresses of modern living by bringing about positive changes to your mind and body be it to recover from an injury or to stay young and healthy. With safe, effective and systematic teaching, we take pride that our clients will feel empowered through having a stronger body and a calmer mind.

Our philosophy is doing everything from the heart.

Tucked away in the quiet leafy area of Bangsar we deliberately chose a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the city for you to enjoy Pilates sessions peacefully.After your sessions simply chill out at the lounge on our Big Tomato beanbags to read, relax and take time off from a hard day’s work. So easily drawn by its vibrant and attractive colours, these beanbags are comfortable yet resilient, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The beanbags come in different colors including flashy pink, lime green, orange, turquoise and many others. And they have funky names too – Daddy Melon, Mama Turnip, Couch Potato, Sassy Sis, cool cucumber, Pepper Bell, etc. Trust us you’ll find them irresistible...

Do take time to enjoy our beautiful cordless lighting. They come in a myriad of changing colours controlled under 4 different programs. Available in various shapes and sizes they are rechargeable with long life span. These versatile water proof lights look spectacular at night outdoor and indoor.

Our philosophy is doing everything from the heart, which means that every idea, item, design and furniture in Urban Spring has been carefully thought over and selected in order to cater to the urbanite whoneeds a wellness sanctuary close enough to amenities yet far enough from the stresses of the city.