Situated at the serene Bangkung Row in Bangsar and within the beautiful architectural confines of Arcoris in Mont Kiara, Urban Spring Pilates is an all-in-one boutique space, offering comprehensive Pilates and Barre classes for a true wellness experience.

Against the backdrop of soothing modern interiors, enjoy engaging sessions led by our team of carefully selected passionate and knowledgeable instructors. The various Pilates exercise repertoires, either on the mat or apparatus, are designed to foster a healthy community through fitness, rehabilitation and recovery - all under one roof.


Pilates KL
Pilates KL

State-of-the Art Pilates Studio in KL

Expect nothing less than a comprehensive experience encompassing mat-based and equipment-based Pilates and Barre classes at Urban Spring Pilates.

All of our Pilates apparatus studios are fully equipped with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment imported from USA, including apparatuses from Balanced Body. Reformers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Spine Corrector and Orbit, alongside other smaller essential props, are available. Keeping repertoires varied, each piece of equipment is unique and is utilised according to individual needs and injuries.

Under the guidance of our certified Pilates instructors, some of whom are certified in the field of physiotherapy, our group and private sessions are sure to broaden and enhance your Pilates practice, regardless of your fitness level or type of injury. Whether you choose to work out in peace and quiet or in the company of your friends, our mindfully designated private and group apparatus studio areas offer the option of 'personalised' or 'mingle' sessions. Devised with built-in walls positioned for privacy, our thoughtfully designed studios allow for an undisturbed session, free from unnecessary distractions.

Ready to turn up the heat with a Hot Pilates session in a space heated up to 40 degrees Celsius? Our imported infrared heating system will allow you to sweat it out in a calm, timber-floored environment while indulging in Mat Pilates. The state-of-the-art heating technology distributes heat evenly throughout the space, maintaining a regulated balance of heat and moisture to assist with perspiration, flushing out toxins from your body without drying out your skin.



Studio Equipment Pilates

Defined by a thoughtful placement of individual walls, this secluded and sheltered space at Bangkung Row offers ample privacy when playing host to our fully equipped Pilates apparatus classes (1:1, 1:2 and small Group Reformer classes).

Private 1:1 sessions utilising various Pilates apparatuses and small props in defined spaces with built-in walls are recommended for clients seeking a more customised Pilates experience geared towards their individual needs. These sessions are ideal for general fitness, injury recovery and assisting with pre-and post-natal wellbeing.

Depending on studio location, our Group Reformer classes accommodate a maximum capacity of six to eight participants. Working through the exercises in the company of others is a fun and motivating way to tone and strengthen the body. Be sure to log into our booking app to book a class and to stay updated on upcoming classes.


Hot Pilates

Featuring mat based, low-impact exercises carried out in a space kept perfectly heated between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius, Hot Pilates sessions focus on strengthening, toning and sculpting. Suitable for both men and women of all fitness levels, Hot Pilates promotes all manner of health benefits, including detoxification and improved sleep.



Seamlessly incorporating elements of dance, ballet and Pilates, Barre is the ultimate ballet barre workout. Guaranteed to quicken the heart rate and burn stubborn calories while keeping you on your tippy toes, regular attendance in this adrenaline-fueled class will have you seeing results in as quickly as 30 days.


Pilates KL
Pilates KL

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