URBAN SPRING Sanctuary for city-dwellers

Urban Spring reception area

Relax and rejuvenate at Urban Spring, a boutique, lifestyle premise which promises comprehensive offerings for a true wellness experience. Experience various pilates exercise repertoire designed to combat daily aches and pains leaving you worked out yet refreshed and energized.

Comprehensive offerings for a true wellness experience.

In today’s fast paced technological society, we are plaqued by shoulder, neck and back pains, all which impact on our quality of lives. The various exercises are systematically put together to address these universal issues. Our trained teachers begin by encouraging good breathing, proper pelvic placement as well as good shoulder mobility and stability. All movements of the spine are then performed with good movement pattern under the watchful eye of our caring teachers. Our successful program utilizes the mat, Reformer, Trapeze table, TRX®, Spine Correctors, and other equipments in our fully equipped studios. This unique method of exercise weaves a formula for a new you by creating stronger linear muscles, improving your posture, flexibility, muscle control and endurance as well as giving you a greater sense of well-being.

Urban Spring corridor

Carefully-designed as a sanctuary for city-dwellers, Urban Spring houses a relaxation lounge, fitting room with lockers and shower rooms for men and women that are supplied with fresh clean towels for ultimate comfort.

Strategically located at the upmarket Jalan Bangkung in Bangsar with ample parking space, you can be rest assured that a boutique retreat with a lovely ambience awaits you today.